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Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Commission is a local elected and appointed government board charged with recommending to the Village Council the boundaries of the various original zoning district and appropriate regulations to be enforced therein and any proposed amendments thereto and shall collect data and keep itself informed as to the best practices generally in effect in the matter of Village planning and zoning to the end that it may be qualified to act on measures affecting the present and future movement of traffic, the segregation of residential and business districts and the convenience and safety of persons and property in any way dependent on city planning and zoning.

The Zoning Map and Zoning Manual below are provided as a convenience. Please contact the Village Zoning Official to obtain the official zoning designations.

Village of Cleves Zoning Map

Village of Cleves Zoning Manual

Village of Cleves Letter Regarding Special Planning District

Village of Cleves Special Planning District


HIP - Hamilton County's Property Improvement Program

Remodeling your home? Check out HIP - Hamilton County's Property Improvement Program. This program allows homeowners in Hamilton County communities to borrow money to repair or remodel their homes or rental property at rates 3% below the lowest rate a bank would normally offer. Details to apply are located here.